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Disability and Life


Working-age adults are more likely to suffer from a disability in any given year than they are to pass away. Unless it is offered through their employer, most adults have little, if any disability insurance coverage. We understand the value of employee benefits and the significant impact it can have on an employee’s life. Offering Disability coverage is a way for employers to add value to their benefits package. It provides employees with a financial safety net in case a situation arises where they are unable to perform their job duties.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to ask our clients the important questions to find out what type of plan best suits their unique needs and employees. For example, what length of disability protection is right for your employees? What income do your employees need or want protected? These aspects impact employees and employers and it is critical to know as an employer how you would like to design your Disability benefits. These are important details to consider. We delve deep into the nuances of these plan contracts to guarantee our clients have a program that fits the unique profile of their organization.

It is important to Sullivan that our clients are satisfied with their Disability plan, but it is equally important to us that our clients’ employees understand the type of benefits they are electing and how these benefits will be used to assist them in the future should the need arise.


Life insurance offers peace of mind to employees. It provides comfort to employees to know that their families will be taken care of if something were to ever happen to them. When making the decision to offer Life insurance, there are many aspects for an employer to consider. At Sullivan, we take great care to put forth a product that best meets the needs of each client and their employees. We examine contract details to ensure that the plan offers appropriate benefit levels and options, provides great service, and diminishes their administrative burden.

Types of Life Insurance offered:

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Life

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We have partnered with Sullivan for 11 years now. What makes us such a good team is they have some very talented individuals that have a good understanding of the industry. And, too, especially with us, they are flexible.

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