Understanding the complexity of employee benefits plans is a challenge even for experienced benefits managers. Employers need to keep abreast of constantly changing trends, laws, and other regulations. Employees need to be able to understand their benefits well, in order to be wise consumers and understand the value of their hidden paycheck. Unfortunately, most employers have limited resources in this area.

The Sullivan team will help you tackle your mounting employee communication challenges. With strategic planning and a thorough understanding of your communication objectives, we provide custom communication materials that will help your employees understand their plans and the issues influencing your benefits decisions.

Employee Communications Materials From Sullivan

Benefits Announcements & Educational Materials
Benefits Announcements & Educational Materials contain memos, flyers, payroll stuffers, and articles used to announce benefit changes, introduce new benefits or plans, or to help employees understand and use certain benefits.

Benefit Statements
These documents provide you with benefit statement items, such as, a summary of an employee’s benefits package showing their overall compensation including salary and benefits.

Handbooks & Policies
Sullivan provides a full employee handbook, as well as individual policies, that you can distribute to your employees to communicate company policies or procedures.

HR Communications
Sullivan has developed several forms and communication materials for use by your human resources department.

Know Your Employee Benefits Brochure
The Know Your Employee Benefits brochure series provides your employees with insights and information about insurance and employee benefits topics. These brochures help your employees become more knowledgeable about their benefits, and can serve as a foundation for your ongoing employee communication campaigns.

Live Well, Work Well Brochure
Sullivan’s second brochure series – Live Well, Work Well – focuses on health and wellness issues. They teach employees how to live healthy lives and focus on preventive care.

Live Well, Work Well Calendar
The calendar allows you to educate and inform your employees on wellness issues throughout the year by supplying you with national health observances and workplace wellness tips to complement those observances.