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How We Do It Better

Sullivan delivers employee benefit plans with something rarely found in our business – passion.  For us, it is all personal.  You will never get lost in the insurance maze with us.  Once we identify the plans that best meet all of your needs, we take great care to explain them in detail.  If issues arise later in the year, we use our expertise, training and technology to quickly and effectively respond.  We are always there to go to bat for you, advocating for the best outcomes possible.

Here is how we are able to accomplish so much for our clients:

  • We are always available to respond to your questions about your benefits plans
  • When we do not have an immediate answer, we urgently research the answer and promptly communicate it to you
  • We quickly communicate important information regarding your benefits as well as broader industry information
  • We take the time to understand you, your organizational and individual personalities, your and business environment so we are able to proactively anticipate your benefits needs
  • Our staff is highly trained in the area of benefits which enables us to better negotiate with payors as well as to provide you with accurate and timely answers to your benefits questions

Our customers consistently tell us and others that with Sullivan, they get the kind of care and attention you would expect from family.  That is because we at Sullivan Benefits love our customers and protect their interest with skill and tenacity.  Our clients not only get best-in-class service, but they also get the very best in the most advanced technology and methodologies available.

What Others Say About Us

Sullivan Benefits understands the challenges that all community health providers face. More importantly, they have taken the time to develop highly creative solutions to fit the unique circumstances of my own organization.

Col. Brody HartleyCEOCommunity Health of South Florida, Inc.