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Alternative Funding

Sullivan is the trusted partner for companies that seek the guidance and leadership that only a firm skilled in the nuances of creative insurance strategies, including alternative funding, can provide.  With Sullivan you can avoid risks and manage costs by putting into place the policies, procedures and safeguards necessary to design and implement highly successful and sustainable programs to contain health insurance costs.

An alternative funding strategy, such as self-funding, for employee health insurance can be a very effective technique for managing healthcare costs.   The Sullivan team has the experience and knowledge needed to create the creative strategies that will work for you.

  • Sophisticated risk management strategies for self-insurance and partial self-funding
  • On staff underwriters analyze claims data for negotiating fair and competitive rate adjustments
  • Detailed ASA contract reviews identify and highlight any terms that represent risk
  • Impact assessments of network economics and disruption
  • Stop-loss management: pre-renewal large claim case note review – reserve analysis
  • Long-term planning, using current data and complex analytics, provides insight on current claims and future costs

Your organization needs a true partner to help manage employee healthcare costs. With Sullivan, you will get creativity, a highly personalized approach and the know-how to implement the most effective strategies.  Please contact us today!

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