One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to keep benefit costs contained is by encouraging healthy habits and behaviors among plan participants. A 2017 study reported a typical reduction in health care costs of over 20% when comprehensive wellness programs are put into place. This same study showed that these programs also have a dramatic impact on another cost driver, absenteeism. An average reduction in sick time of 25 percent was correlated to wellness programs, costs for employee compensation lowered by 40 percent, and disability costs lowered by 24 percent.

Sullivan is committed to employee wellness by keeping you and your employees informed. We can build and customize a wellness campaign specific to your employees’ needs. Through our online services, we can deliver you payroll stuffers, ready-to-use employee newsletters, and educational brochures on health & wellness designed to help you drive consumerism in your workplace. We also provide consulting support for the establishment of programs that rely on strong employee participation and peer support for wellness practices.